• Effective

    Tried & tested by our users to improve lean mass.

  • Travel-Friendly

    No water, stirring or shakers needed.

  • Avoid Bloating

    No loading phase, no water retention.

  • Naturally Vegan

    100% plant-based. Natural coloring & flavoring.

  • Five So Far

    They taste GREAT! Way better than I was expecting and better than lots of gummies I’ve tried. I’ve only taken it once but will update here in a month!

    Marden 🇺🇸 Verified Purchase

  • Awesome tasting

    all my friends are stealing it from me because it taste soo good you wont regret buying it! Great tasting Muscle building small little gummies!

    Malik Hussnain 🇺🇸 Verified Purchase

  • Tasty & easy way to get my daily creatine

    A bit pricey but delicious and easy to take each day. This is my second order. No bloat or digestive issues either.

    Dawn Kadish 🇺🇸 Verified Purchase

Fitness for the People

Even if your goal isn't to build mountains of muscle, Beava supports anyone who wants to:

✔️ Gain lean mass & feel strong

✔️ Reduce fatigue & tiredness

✔️ Improve brain cognition/function

✔️ Improve high intensity or HIIT performance

✔️ Recover faster

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is creatine safe?

Yes, creatine is generally safe. Just stick to the recommended dose, drink water, and if you've got kidney problems, chat with a doc first.

How many gummies should I take?

3 gummies is the recommended dosage. This will provide you with 3g of creatine.

Your body naturally gets about 2g of creatine from the food you eat.

This puts you at a total of 5g of creatine, which is all you need to achieve your body and fitness goals.

Do Beava gummies have a loading phase?

No, you can start with the recommended dose right away. There is no loading phase.

Loading phase? What's that?
The loading phase of creatine supplementation is an initial period where you take a higher dose of creatine, often around 20 grams per day (split into smaller doses) for about 5-7 days. The goal is to rapidly saturate your muscles with creatine to experience its benefits, such as increased strength and exercise performance, more quickly.

Will Beava gummies cause bloating?

No, creatine bloating is a side effect of the loading phase. Beava gummies are engineered to require no loading phase.